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Work Ethic: Transferring Athletic Discipline to Business Success

Athletic discipline and dedication cultivate a strong work ethic, driving business-athletes to excel through consistent hard work and a love for the process of growth.

The discipline and dedication required in sports cultivate a strong work ethic. Athletes are no strangers to hard work and persistence, which drives them to excel in business tasks and projects. As a former collegiate soccer player, I resonate deeply with the concept of work.

There was work in the summer to prepare for the season, pre-season work with two-a-days and sometimes three-a-days, work during the season to prepare for each game, and work after the games to correct mistakes. Building a career or being an entrepreneur is no different. Anything you want to achieve is going to require work. Work isn't easy—it's work. It's about getting out of our comfort zone and feeling resistance, because without resistance, there is no growth. It's not about comfort; it's about results.

Beyond work, there is consistency. You can't show up one day and take three days off. The best athletes and those who excel in business are consistent until they achieve their desired outcome. Then they start over with the next outcome. Instead of fighting it, why not fall in love with the work that will create the results you want in business? I fell in love with soccer practice because I loved how I felt afterward, knowing that I sacrificed and was building myself.

All this to say, we shouldn't work our way to sacrificing the most important values in our life. I would never put work before family or faith. However, there have been times when I've sacrificed for a short period and then returned to my regular schedule. Love the work and embrace the journey of continuous improvement.