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3 Strategies Business-Athletes Can Leverage to Elevate Their Business Game

Business-athletes can elevate their business game by building a strong network, creating a unique personal brand, and collaborating with mentors to achieve their goals.

As business-athletes, we can draw from our athletic experiences to excel in the business world. Here are three strategies I've found helpful in my business journey and continue to follow:

1. Build a Strong Network

Just as teamwork is vital in sports, building a robust network is essential in business. Start by connecting with new people at work, inviting colleagues for lunches or coffee to learn more about their roles and how you can support each other. Explore opportunities outside of work, such as industry meetups and networking events. Create a list of your top 10 connections and add value to these relationships by sending helpful articles and checking in regularly. Always ask how you can assist them. This reciprocal approach strengthens your network and opens doors to new opportunities.

2. Create a Personal Brand

Your personal brand is your unique story and experience. For me, it's a blend of my background as a soccer player, passion for leadership, impact, and my core values. My brand as a former soccer player turned business-athlete, servant leader, and faithful steward reflects these elements. Consider your own background and what makes your story unique. Think about how your story helps you stand out as an entrepreneur or in the business world.

3. Be Open About Stating Your Goals

Clearly stating your goals and partnering with a leader or mentor can significantly enhance your chances of success. Whether it's a mentor or a higher-level leader who also serves as your boss, work with this person to develop a game plan to achieve your desired growth outcome. While you are responsible for putting in the work, your mentor can provide valuable perspective and guidance. Identify the habits and systems that will lead you to your goals and maintain consistency, much like showing up at the gym regularly.

By building a strong network, creating a compelling personal brand, and openly stating your goals with a strategic plan, you can elevate your business game and achieve remarkable success.