About this site

Welcome to My Digital Home!

I'm Jason Price, a business professional in the tech industry, business-athlete, servant leader, and faithful steward. As a former collegiate soccer player, I leverage coachability, teamwork, and a strong work ethic to excel in both my business and personal endeavors.

My Mission

Drawing upon my experiences and a commitment to continuous learning, I empower individuals to grow and become their best selves. Faith-driven and guided by 1 Peter 4:10, my mission is to serve others as a faithful steward of my time, talents, resources, and relationships, aiming to make a lasting impact.

What You’ll Find Here

This website is dedicated to business-athletes—former athletes who are now pursuing excellence in the business world. I share ideas and insights on leveraging the skills and mindset developed in athletics to excel in both business and life. Here, you'll discover:

  • On the Field Principles: Applying the principles of athletics to excel in business, including coaching, work ethic, grit, and teamwork.
  • Off the Field Principles: Enhancing life beyond business, and occasionally covering personal finance, faith, health, and personal development.

My Impact

Outside of my career in tech, I make an impact in the following areas:

  • Financial Peace University Coordinator: I volunteer for my church and have helped coordinate Financial Peace University, helping people live debt free and achieve 'true' financial freedom.
  • Network and Team Builder: I work with a group of entrepreneurs that help individuals excel in life and business based on mentorship and the "iron sharpens iron" principle to foster mutual growth and support.
  • Content Creator: I write on my blog, sharing insights and experiences to help others leverage athletic principles in their business and personal lives.

Personal Life

I am a grateful husband, father, and grandfather. My family is my "why," continually inspiring me to grow daily as a servant leader and faithful steward.

I am passionate about health, fitness, and sports nutrition, and I enjoy working out at my local gym. I love meeting for coffee in local cafes, reading for personal growth, and supporting my local soccer team, FC Dallas. Above all, I cherish spending time with my family.

Let’s Connect

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I look forward to connecting with you, sharing experiences, and learning together.