Jason R. Price

Two good habits to follow:

  1. Create a new budget every month.
  2. Take 5 mins per day to reconcile your accounts and track your spending with your budget.

Love the “Extreme Ownership” principles Jocko Willink discusses in his books. Enough with finger pointing. Turn execuses into actions and make a positive impact on your organization and others.

And can only be obtained when we take our eyes off of ourselves.

Boom! I love this. Nothing special required. Have a positive mindset, be you and put your eyes on others. I think often we try to create ourselves into someone we are not, or try to be like someone else. We can feel freely to operate in our true nature but put our focus on uplifting and adding value to others.

Important to find contentment in what we have, but nothing wrong with ambition, action or pursuit for more if our heart is in the right place. For me, it’s all about building to do more and give more. And becoming more (building my character) along the way.


It’s incredibly exciting to me to know that we have the ability to steer our lives and make changes based on the choices we make daily. That’s why it’s important to work backwards from the outcome you want to achieve and determine the choices / behaviors it’s going to take to lead to that outcome. As those behaviors become habits, repeated day in and day out, the outcome eventually shows up. Think about a consistent exercise routine. Eventually, the outcome of a healthy and fit person shows up.

So powerful! Limiting beliefs have a direct impact on what we can accomplish in life. Big beliefs equal big results!

This book taught me a lot about the power of daily habits and their compounding effect on our lives.


Yes! YOU decide!